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How The Membership Works

  1. Our team researches the market for stocks that meet our trading rules & strategy (see below)
  2. Trade notification sent via text to membership
  3. You follow our trade or you do not
  4. Take 3% profit or 1% loss
  5. The group meets weekly to discuss trading, retirement & more

The Retire Wise Story

Hi John Marshall here, one of the founding partners of Retire Wise Trading Group.

I just want to take a minute of your time and share our Story of frustration, anxiety, fear and maybe a little bit of embarrassment and how it helped 4 very different Canadians come together to change their financial stability.

Around March of this Year Greg B, Scott B, Dave J., and myself found ourselves discussing how we really were not where we needed to be to retire with the financial freedom we had been expecting.

Don't get me wrong we all have financial advisors and on the whole we are all are averaging yearly returns of 25% but based on our underlying investment and current inflation rates we knew we would have to do much better than that if we were to achieve the financial freedom each of us was looking for.

So we started to brainstorm and bring our collective trading experience to bear and came up

with the following conclusion.


To make a real difference in our lives we would need to:

1. Earn an average of 2% per week.

2. Implement a sell high buy low strategy

3. Actively trading every week.

4. Do no more than two trades per week.

5. Control the down side

6. Automatically take Profits

7. No need to stare at our computer screens all day.

8. Take our emotions out of the equation

9. Not chase the money

10. Let the market tell us where we need to be.

I clearly remember Scott asking at this point is anyone doing this and Greg and I both answered black box traders.

Then Dave asks can we actually do this without using fancy algorithms and electronic trading?

And we all said yes!

Welcome to The Retire Wise Trading Group where we now earn an average of 2% per week by only trading the following format once to twice a week.

Retire Wise Stock Trading Rules

Main Concept:

  • Once 2% target is made that week, done trading until following week
  • Let the market tell us what to buy and when
  • 3% must be reasonably attainable
  • Never be in a stock over the weekend
  • All trades have a 3% profit take and 1% stop loss

Company Must Have's:

  • Stock must have at least 1 billion market cap
  • Stock must have minimum 1 million shares traded per day
  • Stock must be in either a macro up trend or sideways trend
  • Stock must have a volatility of at least 6-7% per week
  • 10-day average volume must not be decreasing by more than 10%

To Make A Trade:

  • Stock must be in the negative Mac D range
  • 12-day moving average has to have just crossed the 26-day moving average to the upside
  • Price must be at the low range of the volatility price range
  • Stock should never have to set a record high to make the 3%

Live Portfolio (July 2nd, 2021 - Present)

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